Tim Lieder (marlowe1) wrote in pro_war_liberal,
Tim Lieder


Since this community is becoming spam bait, I am blocking future posts and disallowing people to join it.

I started the community when the U.S. was about the invade Iraq and there was a hue and a cry in the left communities that saw it only in Chomsky terms. I figured that there was a lot of discussion that needed to be made that wasn't in the polarized Left (crazy pacifist) vs. Right (warmonger) factions.

The U.S. has pulled out of Iraq. Afghanistan is still a quagmire. There are other fights and other countries blowing up. And while that would be fun to talk about, I think these debates have moved elsewhere and are less polarized. Besides that, livejournal communities are no longer than interesting.

Anyhow for the three people still reading this community, I apologize for the NSFW spam that just got posted and I hope you all have a great day - oh also - I wrote this - http://www.cracked.com/quick-fixes/the-4-goofiest-curses-from-bible/
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