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Monday, September 24th, 2007

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Nuclear families: U.S. backs Israel's attack on North Korean-supplied nuke facility in Syria.
NOTE: x-posted to my LJ.

I'm really hoping for some discussion of the increasing likelihood that the U.S. and/or Israel will attack Iran and/or Syria in the near future; I'm also hoping to be persuaded that Iran and Syria can be convinced to abandon their nuclear weapons programs short of another war that includes, according to a piece by Daniel Ellsberg in the October 2006 issue of Harper's Magazine, a first U.S. nuclear strike against Iran. Thanks!

Well, looks like it's official:

The Sunday Times (UK) is reporting in their 23 September edition that "sources in Washington and Jerusalem" have confirmed that "Israeli commandos seized nuclear material of North Korean origin during a daring raid on a secret military site in Syria before Israel bombed it this month" with U.S. approval. The article's ("Snatched: Israeli commandos ‘nuclear’ raid") author, Sarah Baxter, also notes that "Diplomats in North Korea and China said they believed a number of North Koreans were killed in the raid, noting that ballistic missile technicians and military scientists had been working for some time with the Syrians."

The air raid occurred in the wee small hours of Thursday, 6 September: what has given this story legs is the unwonted reticence of Syria, Israel, and even the United States ("Dubya" tersely replied "I'm not going to comment on the matter" no less than three times when asked about the raid at his news conference about the State Children's Health Insurance Program [SCHIP] on Thursday, 20 September) about the affair; and while The Washington Post in an uncredited op-ed on Thursday, 20 September opined that "It nevertheless is beginning to look as if Israel may have carried out the boldest act of nuclear preemption since its own 1981 raid against Iraq's Osirak nuclear complex," nothing even semi-definitive has been published about this story until now.

EDITED: ..because cema pointed out in pro_war_liberal that Jerusalem is indeed the capital of Israel, not Tel Aviv. Duhhh.

And Iran, Iran not so far away...Collapse )

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