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Pro-War Liberals' Journal
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Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

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"The question may not be whether America is ready to attack, but whether Israel is."
NOTE: x-posted to my LJ.

Since a couple more articles pertaining to the looming crisis with Israel, Syria and Iran have appeared, I thought I'd post this here in the hopes that it would be of interest and spark more discussion. Thanks!

The current issue of Newsweek (the 1 October 2007 issue) has an article by Dan Ephron and Mark Hosenball titled "Israel's Raid on Syria: Prelude to a Nuke Crisis?" (the title displays as "The Whispers of War," until you go to print it; once you have the printable view, the title changes to "Israel's Raid on Syria: Prelude to a Nuke Crisis?" -- *Shrug*) that echoes and reinforces the bass-line that we've been hearing about the impending war with Iran.

Ephron and Hosenball use retired U.S. Air Force colonel and professional war gamer/consultant Sam Gardiner as their hook: "In Gardiner's war games, the conduct of Iran's nemesis, Israel, is often the hardest to predict." The authors note that "The simulations have led Gardiner to an ominous conclusion: though the United States is now emphasizing sanctions and diplomacy as the means of compelling Tehran to stop enriching uranium, an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities could end up dragging Washington into a war."

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