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Death And Hedonism

Hedonism is an ideology, one of the 3 rare ideologies (the other 2 being individual autonomism and precisionism). Hedonism is the ideology in which suffering is minimized and pleasure is increased. Hedonism is similar to the far-leftist ideology (called 'liberal' in the United States), which may be called 'equalism', because hedonism includes socialism, foreign aid, and animal welfare. The difference between hedonism and equalism is that hedonism is more efficient, because it acknowledges intrinsic inequalities. Equalists believe that different beliefs are equal, and that different people are equal. It is from the belief in the equality of all people that opposition to the death penalty and war stems. It is from the belief in the equality of beliefs that subjectivist agnosticism stems. Hedonists, in contrast to equalists, are atheists, and support the death penalty and war, because they are necessary to improve quality of life.

Since you are pro-war liberals, I conclude that there are likely to be hedonists among you. I have created a livejournal group for people of hedonist ideology. It is:
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