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pro_war_liberal's Journal

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Pro-War Liberals
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This is a community for liberals that support U.S. military action in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. Ideally it's for anyone that boycotted the peace protests on February 15 but not out of any overwhelming respect for Bush and Co. The name is just as much a misnomer as Peace protest as everyone wants peace. The debate is over how best to achieve a lasting peace that will be beneficial for all concerned. No one is really "pro-war" but "True Peace" sounds pretentious.

The definition of Liberal is also fairly broad. If you support reproductive freedom, civil rights for everyone, universal health care, welfare, affirmative action or more money for education you can probably call yourself a liberal. If you call yourself a liberal then welcome comrade. You don't have to support everything that is considered liberalism to be considered Liberal. It's not important to follow the correct beliefs so much as to be a thinking, feeling human being.

Anyone can join this community - conservatives and anti-war protesters are more than welcome as long as they are respectful. This community was created due to a distaste for discourse full of lines like "Dubya is evil and if you don't believe me, you're brainwashed." or "I'm a true American and I think we should bomb the protesters first." Discourse and debate are fine. Ad hominem attacks, jingoism, anti-semitism, quiz results and the like are not fine.

And if you're post goes longer than three paragraphs PLEASE use Lj-cut. Just as a courtesy to others.

Additionally - anyone that posts and disables comments will see their post deleted immediately. If you post to this forum be prepared to defend your position because you are opening yourself up to disagreement and debate. If you continue to post with comments disabled, expect to see yourself banned. Go to some other forum if you want to have the last say.
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